Benefits of Pure Wood Press Edible Oil

Pure oil is made in a completely natural and scientific way without the use of any chemicals.

Pure oil has a high viscosity hence consumption required in less quantity.

The Stickiness in the edible oil contains fatty acids that are essential for our body, as well as, vitamin D, vitamin E and minerals.

Moreover, No heat generation during the process and no undue pressure is exerted which helps to retain the nutritive value of the oil seed.  In Wood Press extraction method no natural ingredients are destroyed because machine is designed to rotate slowly at the speed of 14 RPM.

High-density lipoprotein i.e HDL,is a vital component  required for digestion, it is produced in our liver, but it is produced only when we consume Pure oil.  Pure oil is most important in our diet which plays vital role in digestion of food. Consuming Pure oil balances vata dosha in our body, relieving from bloating & Constipation. Wood Press Pure oil is effective in prevention of serious ailments like heart attack, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, paralysis, brain damage, high blood pressure etc.

Ancient Indian culinary continued using  Wood press oil extracted by traditional methods. Our forefathers were living happy and energy filled life with out any serious ailment. Now our generation is facing  serious ailments that too at the early age due to change in the diet and lifestyle.

There is also a big misconception among all of us that peanut oil contribute to increase cholesterol, on the contrary peanut oil helps to produce HDL ( i.e Good Cholesterol)  it is very necessary for our body. Pure wood Press oil is good immunity booster.

We at our manufacturing facility ensure to give the best quality of range of our Produced Edible oil maintaining complete hygiene and Purity.

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